Friday, December 30, 2011

Continuing that day...

So I left Dr. K's office around 9:30 to go see the neuro-opthamologist. This guy had a weird system in his office and I saw 4 different people for 4 different tests over the course of 2 hours before I actually saw the doctor. One of the tests I did, that kind of freaked me out, was the color-blind test we always do at work physicals, except I did one eye at a time and my right eye couldn't distinguish some of the colors, even though I knew the numbers were there, I couldn't see them. Finally I saw the doctor but only saw him for about 5 minutes, didn't get the results of the other tests I'd done but was again told I had severe swelling of my optic nerves & discs...which I already knew. So he sent me off to get my MRI.

I left his office around 12:30 and my MRI wasn't until 2. At this point I was exhausted, hungry, probably dirty looking since I was still in my scrubs from the night before, had a decent headache setting in and I had massive, dilated eyes. So I probably looked like a druggie off the streets wandering around the hospital, but I got some lunch and headed off to the MRI area to check in. Also, the MRI "suite" at WHC is down in the tunnel that connects it to Children's so I kept seeing all the signs with directions to Children's...I wasn't aware that people actually used the tunnel for anything other than transports but thought it would be funny if I ran into the transport team down there.

The MRI waiting room was packed, it was almost 3:30 by the time I was called and 4 by the time I got in the scanner. I've taken plenty of kiddos down for MRI's but never had one myself. Now let me tell you, how we expect these infants to have a full belly and then sleep peacefully through the MRI is beyond me! Those things are loud! Like a jackhammer on your eardrum (great when you already have a headache!) and the whole table shakes and vibrates at times. Actually the tech had to tell me several times to stop moving! (I kept yawning haha). But I definitely wasn't about to sleep through it, as tired as I was. I also had a contrast MRI done and I was not impressed with how this tech did it. Rather than putting an actual IV in my arm he just put a large needle in my arm and injected the contrast and then took the needle out...the bruise from that lasted about 2 weeks and I've never bruised any time I donated blood or had blood drawn. My MRI lasted about 2 1/2 hours...that's a LONG MRI.

When it was finished the tech told me a radiologist had been looking at the images and was suggesting that I go to the ER to be admitted...but didn't tell me why. He also told me that my neurologist had been in contact with them and wanted me to call him first. Well first, I had to call work, because clearly I wasn't going to be there at 7. 6:30 is pretty late for a call out but they were nice about it thankfully! I then called Dr. K back who asked if I would go back to his office and talk with him...this man stayed in his office, after hours, to check up on how I was doing, he is a great guy.

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