Tuesday, January 17, 2012

MRI Pictures & other news

Well, I finally got my own copy of my initial MRI done at Washington Hospital Center. Of the 936 images taken of my brain I have chosen just a few to show you, just the ones where the tumor is most obvious (although it is pretty obvious in most of them). For those of you into this kind of thing...enjoy :-)

View from the front, going in through my forehead

The tumor is in my right frontal lobe, trust me, 
this is just how the MRI's come out

How is it possible to have something that large growing
 inside your body without knowing it?
Obviously I'm not the right person to ask, but it's scary

Notice that "midline shift"? Aka the middle of my brain
is no longer in the middle = not a good thing

Lots of swelling around the site as well

Well that's it. I hope I have impressed you (haha just kidding!). In other news I saw my primary doc this week. Now really, I've only been going to her for a year so it's hard to consider her well versed in my medical history. Of course a brief review of my chart from birth until I moved out here reveals very little medical history as I've been generally healthy.  Anyways, I went to see her just to update her on the past two months, I figured she should be in the know. And the first thing she asks me? Had I gone to see her over the summer for headaches?! Umm, yes, yes I did, not once, but TWICE, for headaches, geesh. Oh well, now she knows and maybe it will help her pay slightly more attention to the next healthy looking 20 something who is complaining of headaches (now i'm not advertising for an MRI every time someone complains of a headache, but even just a little more investigation into the problems instead of saying its just migraines).

I also heard from my radiation doc today. I guess all my docs (surgeon, radiation, oncology) pow-wow'd this week to discuss me. Apparently my surgeon has claimed me for his own for follow-ups. Kind of strange since surgeons rarely do long term follow-ups but from the sound of it they're all bff's anyways and the other doctors will be in the know of me if/when things change. It's even less driving to Baltimore for me at the moment though so I can't complain. It does make me slightly nervous as surgeons are generally harder to get a hold of if there's a problem, and his PA was really hesitant to discuss things with me over the phone the times I've called her but we'll see what he says when I see him next week. 

That's all for now! I am working on my Brain Tumor Facts post and will have it up soon. Hope the new year is treating everyone well, as always, thanks for reading!


  1. Thanks fir sharing. I want to keep up with you. PS . You write very well! Hugs!

  2. Hi Erin,

    I'm a friend of Liz S. and found your blog via your comment at The Liz Army. Liz and I share the same diagnosis, were diagnosed around the same time, and share the same unusual last name. It is comforting to know there are others out there facing the same issues, and facsinating to hear how others deal with this. Thanks for sharing!!

    David S.