Sunday, January 8, 2012


I have to say, knowing what other people go through and have gone through in recovering from surgery - any kind of surgery, makes me feel almost guilty that my recovery time was relatively easy. I have nothing to complain about. In all honesty, besides some fatigue that lingered a week or so, I felt great. For the first time in months I had no headaches whatsoever, no vomiting, no vision changes, no dizziness. It was amazing.

I had to stay in Virginia for about a week and a half in order to have my post-op follow up and get my staples taken out. It was decided my mom would stay with me so on Friday, the day after I got out of the hospital, we took my dad to the airport to go back to Massachusetts. After that my mom and I made the ever necessary Target trip. Being someone whose never cared too much about what other people think of me I didn't mind going out with the staples and the black eye. I was also worried about wearing a hat and having something get caught on a staple...ouch! Most people didn't take too much notice but I did the get second "OMG" glances and the occasional open staring (mostly from kids) but for the most part it only served to remind me how lucky I was to look terrible but be doing so well. I was even able to go out to dinner with friends on Saturday night, only four days after my surgery.

 Friday afternoon, before heading out. 
It took me a long time to get that purple marker off my head, especially since my forehead was so tender. 

The week passed pretty uneventfully. I was tired and usually napped in the afternoon because I wasn't sleeping all that great at night, mostly due to side effects from meds. I was still on keppra & decadron, I was also on an anti-diuretic to decrease fluid build up around my optic nerves. Basically it's a medication that helps the body get rid of extra fluid by making you pee it out. It also causes dry mouth and I am a person who is usually never more than 5 feet away from a water source so between my kidney's working overtime and my excessive thirst I was definitely not sleeping through the night. We also spent a good amount of time indulging on the many sweet, edible gifts sent my way by so many wonderful friends and family and watching Lifetime Christmas movies.

Day before I went to get my staples out. 

I have since been weaned off all the medications I was on before and after surgery. The only lingering side effect I have from surgery is that I can't feel the top of my scalp. There is no sensation there at all, this is because the skin nerves were cut during the surgery and need to heal. Talking to other people who have had similar surgeries it could take years for the feeling to come back or I might never get it back. It's a little strange, especially when brushing/washing my hair but when I think of all the possible neurological deficits that can happen after brain surgery, I'll take not being able to feel my scalp.

I am feeling great now and have finally just about beaten the 3.5 week cold I've had. I am looking forward to getting back to Virginia and easing myself back into the gym and eventually working (when my surgeon says I can of course) and getting to see all my friends back there!

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