Saturday, February 18, 2012

Nothing New!

I suppose this blog is going to get neglected now that all the "excitement" is done with.

I have been back at work for two weeks now, it's going great, I am glad to be back! I didn't forget nearly as much as I thought I would, and things I did forget were minor (non life threatening). I'm definitely more exhausted at the end of the day, I'm sure part of that is I probably walk around 5 miles or so, at least, per shift because the unit is so big. I'm not exaggerating either, one nurse wore a pedometer a few times and walked between 5-7 miles on different days! My $50 ted socks I got while in the hospital (yes $50 a pair, I have the hospital bills) are definitely getting some continued use, glad I kept them :-). I am currently not working any night shifts, or more than two shifts in a row, unfortunately I'm also not partaking in all the overtime bonuses going around due to high ICU census, three shifts a week are enough for right now...maybe in a few weeks.

My hair has progressed to needing to be gelled flat in the morning, and I can't get away with skipping a shower in the morning either because it sticks up in an impressive cow-lick when I wake up.

So that's all there is to report. I'll be going back to my boring, regular, non-exciting life now.

Friday, February 3, 2012

Back to work and 20/20 Vision!

Ok, so the 20/20 vision is with my current contact/glasses prescription but it means I haven't suffered any additional vision loss from the tumor or surgery. I had to go to the "low vision" clinic this past week because of the vision problems I was having prior to surgery, some deficits I had immediately post op and the general nature of my surgery being primarily behind my eye it was suggested that I follow up here. Luckily I passed all my tests with flying colors and don't have to go back.  I am still experiencing "blackouts" in my vision, they usually occur when I stand to quickly but are not as severe or as frequent as prior to surgery. The ophthalmologist said I still have swelling in/around my optic nerves and it will take a while to go away. As it goes away the blackouts should also improve.  I had to do my third round with the peripheral vision test and hopefully my last! If you have ever had to do one of these then you know it's like the worst video game ever. Basically your head goes into a half egg shaped device, you close one eye and stare down a black hole with the other. Flashing pin point lights appear one after another around the dark hole and you hit a buzzer each time you see one. It goes on and on and then you have to do the other eye. I'm not a fan of it.

This is what it looks like. 

In other news I am finally going back to work! I start this Tuesday. I'll re-orient with a preceptor for a few days since they just moved to a much larger unit and because I was only off orientation for a month when I left just to make sure I haven't forgotten everything!

The new Cardiac ICU. It's huge! It was like no mans land each time
I went to visit, very pretty though, much nicer than adult hospitals!

That's all the news here, hopefully no more for a while! And if you're wondering, my hair is slowly making it's way back in though I think it's going to be a while before it resembles anything I could have chosen for a hair cut but oh well, it's just hair, it grows.

From the front
And the side.