Sunday, May 13, 2012


Yes, I'm still here. Just don't need this blog quite as much anymore :-)
It's been a busy few weeks and looking to be a busy summer (people have got to stop getting married!). I spent last weekend in Oklahoma getting to watch two very good friends get married, in a beautiful ceremony before their next adventure of moving to South Africa...where I hope to visit at some point this year!

I had an MRI in April, I haven't had a chance yet to drive back to Hopkins and get the official report but it seems that all is well. There was an area of potential concern, but my surgeon thinks it's just scar tissue from the surgery. I will go back for another MRI in July.

Until then I have a couple events coming up, one of them being just a week away, the Boston Brain Tumor Ride! I definitely have not had as much time to prepare for this ride as I did for the MS ride last year, but this one is also one-third the distance so I'm hoping it will go well. If you haven't yet but would like to, you can still donate to support my ride by heading over to my fundraising page here. Every little bit helps and to the many people who have already donated thank you! I appreciate it so much!

I may not be quite ready for the ride, but  my bike is!

I hope everyone had a wonderful Mother's Day!

Oh, and May is officially Brain Tumor Awareness month! If you haven't had the chance before, take a look at some of the links of the right side of the blog, learn something new and pass it on!