Monday, May 21, 2012

National Brain Tumor Society Bike Ride!

My dad, Daniel and I all rode the 50 mile NBTS Boston Bike Ride this weekend. We hit a few bumps in the road but we still finished. Overall the ride is much smaller than the MS ride I did last year but I think it's also much more of a "family friendly" ride too. There are also 10 & 25 mile ride options.

Right off the bat into the ride I hit a bad pothole (thanks Massachusetts roads). About 2 minutes after that I had a flat front tire. Luckily I have a spare tube and one the the roadside assistance guys pulled over and helped us get it changed out pretty quick but it caused us to be significantly behind the rest of the ride which was kind of a bummer.

Poor bike :-( First flat it's had too

Then around 30 miles (at the rest stop) Daniel's tire blew out. His turned out to be an issue with the rental bike and two tubes later, some masking tape & cardboard he was set to go. Overall my bike clock had 3 hours 15 minutes for our riding time, not too bad, we came in pretty late though because of our holdups. The whole event was pretty much over. I will say we were NOT the last ones in though, we did catch up to and pass some other riders, and there was a decent group of us at the 30 mile rest stop at the same time. 

Tire fixed, only 20 miles to go!

Total we raised $5135 for the National Brain Tumor Society, we were even #20 on the team overall fundraising list, out of 80 so not too bad for only three of us. I would LOVE to be able to put together a big group team for the ride next year. It is really not a bad ride (Daniel hasn't been on a bike since he was 12 and he managed just fine) and there are the shorter 10 and 25 mile options if 50 intimidates you. There are also 3 rest stops for food/water and some time out of the saddle. People of all ages (kiddos to the elderly) were doing the ride and of all athletic abilities, and on all kinds of bikes. No need to have a special bike or special shoes, any bike (with a good water bottle holder) will do really. So start thinking about it, it would be fun!

Oh and tomorrow, May 22, is officially Brain Tumor Awareness Day!

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