Friday, July 20, 2012

Clear again :-)

So I had my 5th MRI this past week (sure I'll stop counting eventually!). It was all clear once again, pretty awesome! I had my MRI on Thursday around 11 or so then went up to my surgeons clinic and (after a very long wait) saw my surgeon who said everything looked good. My "hole" may even be ever so slightly smaller than my MRI in April. I also briefly discussed the differing pathology reports with him, he said he would have the pathologists take a second look at my slides, however Hopkins pathologist Dr. Burger actually wrote part of the World Health Organization classification of brain tumors so we can probably  believe what he has to say. We also met with my oncologist who basically said that a name at this point didn't really matter as much as keeping a close eye on things and not missing recurrence if it were to happen. So the plan stays the same and I head back again in three months. Till then, enjoying the rest of summer :-)

My brain these days
This is the cavity and scar tissue left from my
 tumor & surgery, the area we will continue to watch

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