Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Things Learned

*I did not write this*
It was written by a much more talented writer and blogger than I which is why I have placed the link here to her blog so you can go check it out. It's titled "70 Things I learned from having a brain tumor". I can relate to almost all of them. There are a few that I just didn't experience. For instance, I certainly don't think I came out of anesthesia acting like a sweetheart. One of the few things I can remember is being really angry and trying to kick anyone who got to close. In any case it was still an interesting and enjoyable read for me.


There is a new look around here too if you haven't noticed (though I'm not actually sure who is still reading this out there...because I'm certainly not haha) but I was playing around with Blogger the other night and find I like this look better without the title on the top. The "definition" of survivor is not necessarily how I look at myself but how I see anyone who has gone through any period of great struggle or similar situation, and I thought it made for a cool header :-)   (and yes, that is my head).

Will probably have another "medical" type update sometime soon...it's getting to be that three month mark. Next week though I'm getting my wisdom teeth out. Something I should have probably done in high school (like the rest of society) but had a dentist who didn't believe in it. Then I was planning on getting them out this time last year but other more pressing issues came up (the reason of this blog being that issue) and my neurosurgeon just wouldn't take those out too while I was under :-). They are starting to become a serious problem though so next week it is. I am dreading it but hoping to recover quickly because I really can't take much more time off work!

After that I have another very exciting wedding, this time in Texas and then the year of weddings will be over! It's been fun but I'm ready for a break from them!