Sunday, October 14, 2012

Three Month Report

Really that should say 10 month report, since it's 10 months since my surgery last December.

So I had MRI #6 about a week and a half ago. Since the last time I was there they now mandate all patients to wear a gown & pj pants. UGH! Have I mentioned before how much I hate hospital gowns? Anyways, my MRI continues to be stable, nothing major to report. Happy news over here :-)

I had figured by this time my surgeon would have been kicking me to every 6 month MRI's (actually I thought that last time too) but no, I go again in three months. Which is fine, better to catch something early if it were to happen than to catch it when it's getting big. The trips up there have been getting more frustrating though. Both this time and last time we had over an hour and a half wait to see my surgeon but they don't tell us he's running behind so we sit there waiting when we could be getting lunch or something. This time I can't blame him I guess, apparently there had been some kind of emergency, and he showed up in scrubs which most nurses, docs, etc will tell you, surgeons are rarely ever in scrubs unless they just stepped out of an OR or some other major procedure. He was also rather distracted and asking strange questions about oncologists and second opinions and quite frankly was getting our heart rates up a little bit but it turned out to be nothing. Apparently he had just gotten some email about me seeking second opinions with oncologists recently. Which is not true, we had already discussed that at my last appointment and I haven't done any other opinion seeking since then, and even then it was just the patho. So who is sending emails about me around Hopkins is the question. One I will probably never get an answer too I guess.

So that's all to report. The very next day I was flying off to Texas to see one of my very best friends get married. It was a beautiful wedding, albeit very cold for Texas. It was 90's when I landed but the day of the ceremony it was in the 50's (outdoor wedding/reception mind you). Two days after I got home I came down with some weird 24 hour flu, cold weather? Or four plane rides in three days? Probably the plane. In any case I'm fine now. Finally enjoying some outdoor time here in DC, we've had beautiful fall weather and the humidity is gone which makes me a happy camper! :-)

Still can't believe this guy is married!