Thursday, December 6, 2012

One Year Tumor Free!

Today is one year since surgery to remove my brain tumor. I got the chance yesterday to talk with the neurologist who originally diagnosed my tumor. He seemed very happy, and a little surprised, to hear that one year later I am on no meds, having no symptoms and completely back to my normal life. It is truly wonderful and I am so lucky to have done so well. This past year my eyes have been opened to the world of brain tumors. I of course knew about them, working in the medical field, but I didn't know about them. The majority of brain tumor fighters stories do not have the same trajectory as mine does. I hope my story can end like this. The reality is that we don't know how it will continue or what the future will hold. Years of research are what made my surgery a possibility a year ago and further research is needed. There is currently NO cure for brain tumors. Complete surgical resections are the closest thing to a cure for some brain tumors but certainly not the majority of them, and even complete resections do not guarantee that the tumor will not regrow in a year, five, or twenty. Once recurring, traditional treatments are used which can include further surgery, radiation and chemo but many of these treatment protocols have not changed in years and no new treatments have been developed.

This December the National Brain Tumor Society is running a matching gift challenge, every dollar donated until December 31st will be matched, up to $60,000. Any small contribution can help so even if you only have five dollars to spare please consider making a donation. You can do so here: Donate.

Today I will be celebrating my "one year" at work with my babies...I didn't really plan that out well but I am extremely glad that I am still able to do the work I love.

I am still being followed closely with MRI's every three months, my next one being sometime in January. Until then, enjoying the holidays and I hope everyone else is too!


  1. Erin,
    You are an inspiration. Keep the faith and hope that you have.
    I hope and pray that you have a healthy, full and long life to commemorate this anniversary.

  2. Erin-

    I was looking through my bookmarked blogs, and remembered I haven't stopped by yours for awhile, and I'm glad I did. Congratulations on your one year anniversary. Granted, it's something you wish you didn't need to celebrate, but you should certainly celebrate. Looking at the MRI pics you have on here, I'm amazed that you have been able to function so well, and be productive, and get on with life. I believe my own tumor was much smaller than yours, although it was a different type, an Oligoastrocytoma. I resumed my career ASAP after 6 weeks of radiation, and have done quite well. I've had three seizures this year though, so my meds were adjusted and I'm not driving. It's been 5 years since my surgery, and my MRI's are still looking good. Your Dad is right, you are an inspiration.

    My best to you and your family-