Wednesday, February 13, 2013

14 Month update & Upgrade!

A few weeks ago I went up to Baltimore for my 7th MRI, 14 months since my surgery. All looks clear & stable once again : )

Because all my MRI's have been good thus far I was given an MRI upgrade! To every four months instead of every three. I was kind of expecting a six month upgrade but hey, I'll take four months. It will actually probably be more like five months because four months is May and I have two events that require me to be out of state in May and will make scheduling a Thursday appointment difficult (only day my doctor has clinic). We'll see. No reason to stress about it.

On that note, one of my out of state May events is the Boston Brain Tumor Ride. If you click the link to the right hand side of the screen that will take you to my fundraising page. If you're able to donate, any little amount can help! Also if you'd like to join our team and ride with us please contact me, we'd love to have you!