Monday, August 19, 2013

Not much going on.

I saw this movie recently (50/50) and just had to laugh. I don't do the "why me" thing, I'm a nurse, for sick kids, babies mostly. There is no reason why this stuff happens other than a flaw in the assembling of DNA; which if you knew anything about DNA, genes and how our body gets put together (which I claim to know little to nothing about) then you would think, like I do, that it's a miracle any of us come out NORMAL ("healthy" would probably be the PC term here), or stay normal, for an entire lifetime. The human body is an amazing thing.

Also, I miss work. I've had work dreams for the last 3 nights. It sounds crazy but I truly do love my job. Not for the pay, or the benefits (although I am thanking God for those things every day right now) but because I really love what I do. I like to take care of people, not sit around like a useless lump thinking about myself. And focusing on other people's problems takes my mind off my problems, and puts my problems into perspective really (although that is probably exactly why it took me 6 months to drag myself to a neurologist in the first place 2 years ago, "headaches, everyone has headaches, there are worse problems out there").

Anyways that's all. Still no news. We drive back to Virginia tomorrow for doctor appointments Wednesday and then we should have the plan. I am looking forward to this because I am sick of not knowing what the next few months are going to look like, it's hard to make any plans without knowing THE plan, ya know?

**I also apologize to anyone who may be Facebook friends with me, sitting around doing nothing for three weeks has me horribly addicted to Candy Crush. I'm ashamed to admit it but there you have it. Sorry for the spam.

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